Free yourself from cancer

Our 4 Month Programme

Detoxification allows the body and mind to rest and regenerate as one refrains from consuming foods which aggravate and inflame. This allows the body the opportunity to eliminate toxins, digest dead and decaying cells whilst creating new cells.

Detoxification radically reduces inflammation in the body and science has now also finally revealed the gut/brain connection which ancient civilizations have known for ages.
If one considers the infinite wisdom which created the human being, one can come to recognize the body’s capacity to heal and regenerate, provided utmost respect is given to the life force within.

Our 4 month programme is mostly based on consuming raw organic plant based foods, super foods and juices.
Genetics show that the human specie is 98% primate, and following such a programme for 4 months has a miraculous effect on the ability to reverse disease processes.
Our program allows enough time for detoxification to happen effectively, leaving you feeling vibrant, energetic, and filled with faith and optimistic enthusiasm with the results observed. The body goes through various stages of detoxification, and expectations of healing may vary. Whilst fast recoveries are desirable, as often they are, severely chronic conditions, especially after the effects of chemo and radiation may take longer and consistent effort before proper regeneration occurs.

Included as part of the 4 month programme:

1. Dietary programme
2. A personal 2 Hour consultation either on site or via Skype.
3. Six bottles of Intervene Botanical herbal oil blend
4. Two boxes of Reserve
5. Kidney, liver and lymphatic cleansing botanicals.
6. Maximum Vibrance
7. Metabole Berry C

R 8954.00 excl. courier per month