Welcome to a transformational journey

The journey to health, vitality, vibrancy and luminescence begins here…
Our program focuses on physical, emotional and mental well being allowing organs and glands to become revitalized and the mind to become clear and calm.  Blood and lymphatic flow are enhanced, toxins are released and the system is oxygenated, with increased nutrient absorption, assimilation and function. Eyes regain their sparkle, the skin becomes luminescent and unnecessary weight is shed.

Detoxification, in the physical, mental and emotional level, is one of the most important process required for healing, and we offer you the time and tools to get started on your journey back to health and to assist in the release of negative patterns.
Come for a personal consultation and begin you journey back to health from the comfort of your home, or join us on retreat.

Challenges are part of the journey of life. Difficulties, problems, setbacks, conflicts, illnesses – we can let these experiences bring us down and sink us into despair, or we can discover an aspect of ourselves, a certain quality within that allows us to face these challenges with strength and wisdom. The difference lies in our approach to overcome these challenges.

Underlying all disease, depression or pain in our lives, and underlying all conflict, abuse and war is a basic misalignment with who we are on a deeper level, a basic disconnection with God – our inner intelligence, our inner being. There are a whole host of approaches to fix our problems, but by far the most effective way is to come in to alignment again and to rekindle our connection to all that we are and all that we can be.

Each client has their own unique constitution, and we therefore assess each person according to their unique make-up, bearing in mind that the principles of health and longevity have been the same since time immemorial.

Come and rejuvenate yourself, reset your aging process and become connected to your body, mind and own life experience