Welcome to Vivid Health!

Vivid Health was established to assist and inspire people to take control of their health through applying of the principles of natural law. Detoxification on a physical, emotional and mental level have profound effects in establishing balance and therefore the ability to adopt a holistic lifestyle. We welcome you to come for a consultation where various diagnostic tools are used such as Live Blood Analysis and Magnetic Resonance Analysis. Rife frequency forms part of the protocols as well as dietary guidelines and botanical supplements.
Vivid Health was established by Vivienne Pietersen (DipNutMed) with the intent to assist people is regaining their health and overcome limiting belief systems, challenges and negative family patterns.

As a Registered Nutritional & Herbal Medicine Practitioner, Detoxification specialist through Dr Robert Morse N.D, D.SC., M.H and Raw Food Specialist through David Wolfe, Vivienne helps people in regaining their health naturally in conjunction with establishing emotional issues which were part of the cause why health was lost in the first place. Her passion is natural health and the body’s capacity to heal with interest  in chronic degenerative diseases. Detoxification is one of the single most important tools which gives the innate life force the ability to heal.
As a teenage girl she was debilitated with myalgic encephalomyelitis (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), and after 4 years of unsuccessful conventional treatment, was introduced to fasting and subsequently 2 months of living raw foods. This healing experience was truly a miracle for her on all levels, and it’s her  deepest desire is to help people embrace a life free from dis-ease as our bodies were created to thrive, and how one treats the body, determines it’s capacity.

“Each of us has a story about our life that either empowers us or disempowers us; that opens us up to new possibilities or shuts us down. At its highest, our story exists to teach us, to help us grow, to evolve our soul. But instead we make the mistake of allowing it to define us and dictate the course of our life”. 

– Reverend Angela Peregoff

We are what we eat! Our thoughts, habits and behaviors are completely interlinked. Food affects our subtle energies and therefore by changing what you eat daily, you immediately affect the way you think and feel. Raw plant based foods are superior to cooked and flesh foods during detoxification as the cooking process causes loss of vitamins, bonding of proteins and minerals and loss of enzymes which leads to reduced absorption and places stress on all metabolic processes.  A high intake of raw plant based foods is essential in maintaining health in general.